Is the price of the Fibre line included in the price?

Yes - the price you see, is the price you pay. All our Fibre services are in combo, so the price is for both your Data and the Line rental.                                    

Can I use my current DSL router?

Probably not, as Fibre works very differently to DSL. But you may, in some cases, be able to use your existing WiFi enabled router to spread your Fibre connection via WiFi. This will depend on which router you have and how the provider installs your Fibre line. But don't worry - we will provide a free fibre router...                                    

Can I get a static IP address with Fibre?

 You can only get a static IP address with Openserve Fibre. All residential lines get a dynamic IP address in order to support the ever-growing network.                                    

Will I have to pay a setup fee?

Sign up for Uncapped Fibre with Loco today and you can get Free Installation and Connection, and a Free Fibre Ready WiFi Router - all valued up to R5000* Selected Providers only. Please note that additional charges for trenching or cabling are not covered by the installation fee. *T's & C's apply.                                    

How is Fibre different from DSL?

 DSL is dependent on Telkom copper wire infrastructure, which is often unreliable and can be slow if you have a bad line or are far away from your local exchange, whereas Fibre transmits data with pulses of light over a fibre optical cable.                                    
These cables are far more reliable than copper wires and can offer far greater connectivity speeds.

How long will it take to get connected?

This will depend on the turnaround for your installation and activation. Once the line has been installed in your premises it can take up to 5 days for the provider to activate your line. As soon as your Fibre line is active, you can be connected to Loco Fibre within 24 Hours.    

Each provider has a different lead time for installation and activation. If your line is already activated, you'll be connected shortly after you sign up.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time?

Absolutely! We don't like contracts. So, we allow upgrades and downgrades of Fibre speeds up until 5pm on the last day of the month. Keeping in mind that fibre speed upgrades are solely dependent on the provider.                                    
To cancel, we need just one calendar months' notice. If you are still in the Promo (Free install, Free Connection, Free Router) period of 6 months , then it's one month's calendar notice and R699 early cancellation fee.